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What makes our cables special?

Their Cable vs. Our Cable

Cheap cables have these problems:

  1. The wire used is thin often 28 or 30 awg and made of cheaper less conductive metal other than copper
  2. Cheap cables typically use composite video as sync which introduces noise into the color and audio signal and provides less stable sync which is not compatible with some monitors
  3. Cheap cables are typically not shielded or poorly shielded which allows significant external interference and noise to degrade the video and audio signal
  4. Cheap cables are commonly wired incorrectly with incorrect impendence or voltage levels which can decrease compatibility or even damage equipment

Our cables solve these problems

  1. Our wire is 24 AWG pure copper stranded cable
  2. Our cables use dedicated Csync signals whenever possible which maximizes signal quality and compatibility and we use Sync on luma when that isn’t possible
  3. Our cables feature double external shielding, separate shielding for audio, video and sync to eliminate interference and noise for maximal video and audio quality
  4. Our cables are designed to have the correct impendence and voltage levels based on industry standard RGB signal specifications

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