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Sega Saturn: RGB SCART Cable (C-sync)

(4 customer reviews)


Please be sure to note the following before purchase as purchases cannot be cancelled or modified after they are placed:

  • Wired for C-sync signal which may not be compatible with all consoles and display devices
  • This cable is for NTSC region Sega Saturn Consoles Only!
  • These ARE NOT compatible with PAL consoles and can damage your console or display device  
  • We can not guarantee that this cable will work with modified consoles   
  • We provide a limited warranty for a duration of one year from the date of purchase
  • We will repair or replace any item which is not functioning correctly due to manufacturing defects
  • We do not accept returns or issue refunds once an order has been placed

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Our cables are all extremely high quality, custom made to our exact specifications.

  • Double external shielding with braid and foil
  • Independently shielded stereo audio to reduce noise
  • Independently shielded RGB video to reduce noise
  • Independently shielded sync signal to reduce interference and video noise
  • Pure copper 24 AWG multi-stranded wires used for all color, sync and audio signals for maximal signal quality
  • All cables use very high quality Nichicon UHV capacitors where needed
  • Every cable is designed with industry standard impendence and signal level characteristics for maximal compatibility and performance

Additional information

Weight 6.7 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .5 in

4 reviews for Sega Saturn: RGB SCART Cable (C-sync)

  1. Hans (verified owner)

    This is an awesome cable I have a Sega Saturn USA/NTSC and this cable with a scart to hdmi converter a cheap Chinese one and it’s like night and day also I got a hdmi to vga so I can play it on a old 4×3 monitor and it still looks amazing. thanks again INSURRECTION, also ordered on a Monday and got it on a Friday. Living in the United states.

  2. DanielSoren1 (verified owner)

    I received a generic SCART cable when I bought my Sega Saturn lot last Christmas. There was a noticeable hum and colors seemed a bit dull through my pretty decent SCART to HDMI upscaler when I finally was able to play my console. While the generic cable was a huge step up from composite, it still did not give me the best picture quality that SCART could provide.

    Enter the Insurrection Industries Sega Saturn SCART cable. I had a good feeling about the company’s Sega Saturn SCART cable given the superb build quality of the Carby 2.0 (which I also own and I would suggest that any GameCube owner purchase). The colors are bolder, there is absolutely no discernable audio hum, and I swear that the pixel sharpness is clearer, too.

    For about $25 and change after shipping this SCART cable is a great deal. It is a huge step up from its generic brothers.

  3. Tyler Rose (verified owner)

    It works perfectly and the Saturn looks amazing. Works with my scart -> component adapter and couldn’t be happier.

  4. Groovymen (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd cables I ordered from Insurrection Industries and they never fail to impress!
    I had cheap a Chinese scart that I had ordered initially with my OSSC.
    The difference is amazing in both built and quality.

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