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Sega Genesis Model 2: RGB SCART Cable

(7 customer reviews)


Please be sure to note the following before purchase as purchases are final and typically cannot be cancelled after they are placed:

  • These cables are wired for dedicated C-sync
  • We provide a limited warranty for a duration of one year from the date of purchase
  • We will repair or replace any item which is not functioning correctly due to manufacturing defects
  • We no not accept returns or issue refunds once an order has been placed

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Our cables are all extremely high quality, custom made to our exact specifications.

  • Double external shielding with braid and foil
  • Independently shielded stereo audio to reduce noise
  • Independently shielded RGB video to reduce noise
  • Independently shielded sync signal to reduce interference and video noise
  • Pure copper 24 AWG multi-stranded wires used for all color, sync and audio signals for maximal signal quality
  • All cables use very high quality Nichicon UHV capacitors where needed
  • Every cable is designed with industry standard impendence and signal level characteristics for maximal compatibility and performance

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Weight 6.7 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .5 in

7 reviews for Sega Genesis Model 2: RGB SCART Cable

  1. James Spray

    This is my review from Amazon:

    I highly recommend this company and this cable. I recently got a Framemeister and needed a scart for my model 2 Sega Genesis. After getting the proper scart adapter, I ordered two cheap scart cables that couldn’t do the job. They kept cutting out, were poorly shieled with loud humming and hissing through the audio. When I was looking at better cables, they ranged anywhere from 30 to 50 bucks which is ridiculous. So I spied this cable here, looked at the company’s website and decided to give this ago. As soon as I plugged this into my Genesis and Framemeister its been wonderful ever since. As far as I know this is still a new company but with this price and quality I cannot recommend them and this product enough. I can’t wait to see what other cables and retro gaming accessories they come out with next!

    • Matthew Lisi

      James, thank you for checking out our cables. If you don’t mind leaving a comment on Amazon that would be a big help as well as we just started selling there.

  2. Jorge (@SocialGamer) Murphy

    I don’t typically write any type of review on a product unless it’s made an actual impact on my needs. I will 100% recommend the Scart cables developed by Insurrection. I am a retro games streamer and moving over from the stale Composite or even S-Video, the SCART cable I purchased for my Genesis 2 was outstanding. SUPER sharp/crisp as well ad vibrant RGB colors. All video noise has disappeared so I will continue to upgrade my original consoles with SCART cables from Insurrection. I’ve purchased Both the Gen2 and SNES Scart with my intention of purchasing both the Saturn and PS1/PS2 Scart cables as soon as they become available. Triple A Quality and I wasn’t paid to say that! Get any product found on the site, friendly social media and fast delivery from my experience, I live in the US.
    Now go and enjoy the best image quality possible on your non modded consoles.

  3. omegaro (verified owner)

    Just got this and the saturn cables after waiting for the new shipment to come in. It was more than worth the wait since these are easily some the nicest cables I’ve found. And still really affordable (much more so than what others were offering!)

    My older rgb cables were generic ones I found online. After getting some higher quality cables elsewhere for my nintendo consoles, I noticed how much better they could be. Sadly the original seller i bought from stopped selling them, that’s when I found this group!

    New quality genesis cables instantly noticeable when compared to my old ones. No hum or unwanted noise from the background audio anymore. No shimmering in colors. Nice and sharp. Used with my old framemeister!

    Still considering looking into some of their other products, definitely worth the purchase. Also it shipped way sooner than I thought, arrived in just a few days!

  4. Prudence Cuddy (verified owner)

    This is the perfect Saturn SCART lead, for an amazing price. Before I bought this CSYNC cable I had horrible audio buzzing, especially going through a Bandridge Swtich, as well as bad checkerboard patterns on deep blues and greys. Also, I am pretty certain the cheap cable before this, did not have the proper audio channels (i.e. L/R were switched). This cable seemed to be professionally shielded, the audio buzzing was gone, and I did not see anymore checkerboard patterns. The pricing was extremely reasonable, and well worth the price. I have heard on Insurrection Industries before, but I up until recently I was not aware of any products, other than the CARBY. After I got this cable, I purchased more from them for my other consoles that are still using Sync-on-Composite. If you are looking for Clean Sync/Pure Sync/CSYNC cables, or Sync-on-Luma ones, you can’t can’t do any better in my opinion.

  5. Henrik (verified owner)

    This cable produces a very nice looking picture with rich and vibrant colors. Well worth the price and highly recommended!

  6. Coleman Likes (verified owner)

    This RGB cable does the job of displaying RGB video and stereo audio. However, there is currently an issue of audio noise and a slighy blurry picture output on the Genesis. The audio noise is always there and is distracting during times inthe game when there is no music playing or if the game is paused. Wait until these get revised to fix the video noise. also, only the audio and csync line is shielded. So these cables are not fully shielded but they should be good enough for most people.

  7. Coleman Likes (verified owner)

    I revised my review because Insurrection Industries have let me reach out to them and they are working to resolve my cable noise issue. I also wanted to say that a small amount of noise in the RGB signal is still a significant improvement over composite or even s -video. Insurrection Industries have been very helpful in their customer support. They even gave me a free return package invoice so that I can send both of my RGB cables in for inspection. The noise was very minimal when compared to cheap generic RGB cables made from China. I am still anxiously waiting to receive the cables I sent to Insurrection Industries address back in September. If you have any issues, they will gladly reach our and help you resolve them. Highly recommended!

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