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Nintendo S-Video (Y/C) Cable

(13 customer reviews)


Please be sure to note the following before purchase, purchases are final and cannot be cancelled after they are placed:

  • Compatible with NTSC Super Nintendo, N64 and GameCube consoles only
  • PAL region consoles DO NOT have compatible S-video signal, please confirm your console region prior to purchase
  • We provide a limited warranty for a duration of one year from the date of purchase
  • We will repair or replace any item which is not functioning correctly due to manufacturing defects
  • We are unable to accept returns or issue refunds once an order has been placed

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Nintendo S-video (Y/C) cable made with our proprietary shielded cable

  • Double external shielding with braid and foil
  • Significantly Improved individual shielding for stereo audio, luma and chroma 
  • Pure copper 24 AWG multi-stranded wires used for luma, chroma and audio signals for maximal signal quality
  • Compatible with NTSC Super Nintendo, N64 and GameCube consoles 
  • PAL region consoles may not have compatible S-video signal, please confirm your console region prior to purchase

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Weight 6.4 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × .5 in

13 reviews for Nintendo S-Video (Y/C) Cable

  1. John O. (verified owner)

    Amazing quality cables that are wired and shielded correctly. Spend a little more to get these and you wont have to worry about the questionable and varying quality/wiring of cheapo ebay/amazon cables. What you get here is just as good, if not better, than the official s-video cables at a very affordable price and is more than worth it for the peace of mind.

  2. Ritaku (verified owner)

    Upgraded from the stock SNES composite cable, and it’s a huge boost in visual quality. Would recommend this cable to anyone looking for a better picture from their SNES.

  3. Michael Lopez (verified owner)

    Awesome cables, wired and shielded correctly, I compared them to the RGB Scart cables for the snes and honestly the difference is very small. Extremely great quality cables!

  4. jeff bailey (verified owner)

    This cable makes the SNES and Super Famicom look great! I had been using the Nintendo Brand S-Video cables and they had a lot of interference on screen. These from Insurrection Industries are the best I have tried and are half the price of a used Nintendo branded one. The quality is amazing! I highly recommend this if you want a great experience on a CRT, or through a Retro TINK 2x. I can’t say enough good things about this cable!

  5. Michael R. (verified owner)

    I’ve been wanting to get my hands on S-video cables for my older consoles for over a year, but finding affordable options that aren’t mass-produced junk on eBay has been a real challenge. The day I discovered this Nintendo S-video cable, I snatched it up, and it was worth every penny. I’m playing on a consumer CRT (Sony Trinitron), but compared to the composite cables I was using, this feels pretty darn close to RGB to me. My SNES and N64 look better than I’ve ever seen them. Having handmade cables by real engineers makes all the difference. Thanks so much for making these cables (and I’ll snap up any other S-video cables II may make for other consoles in the future!)

  6. Ty (verified owner)

    Got these for use with my N64 and a retrotink v2. Worked great, visual quality improved with these cables over the stock a bit. The build quality of the cables is excellent as well, very sturdy. Definitely worth the money.

  7. Nate (verified owner)

    Without a doubt the best Nintendo s-video cable ever made.

    I got these to pair with my n64 and retrotink2x pro. The difference over composite was noticeable right away. I also own the infamous purple monster s-cable but they have a death grip. These cables do not have a death grip.

    I’m extremely happy with these high quality cables!

  8. Matt (verified owner)

    These are a worthwhile upgrade to the thin cheapo S-Video cables that’re on eBay. I had a pair that I used for close to a decade on a crt that didn’t see much use, but have recently gotten a little more interested in CRT gaming again.

    Clarity wise I didn’t really see a huge bump, but color saturation was noticeably better to the extent that I’m going to have to recalibrate my tv.

    There may be cheaper options out there, but it’s really hard to know what you’re getting. These cables are purpose built for S-Video and are well constructed. Just buy them so that future you won’t be left wondering if your picture could be better.

  9. Josh (verified owner)

    Mine broke. It’s considered a high quality cable so I may have had a defect. I had a hard time connecting it. I compared it to a generic and OEM Nintendo s video cable they fit in fine. One of the spokes, I don’t know what else to call them, snapped off.

  10. BenW (verified owner)

    Great cable and picture for the SNES/N64/GameCube! I bought a S-video cable from Amazon for about 10 bucks and this one as well. Difference is night and day. Go with this cable.

    Nice construction and feel to it! Super fast shipping

  11. James Egan (verified owner)


    Started off my N64 experience with a monitor + av2hdmi adapter and the picture was terrible. I continued to upgrade to a hyperkin hdmi adapter, which was a step up. I learned about CRT tvs and how they do much better than modern day monitors and tvs for the older consoles and picked one up to use with regular av cables. It was so much better than hdmi and I was a lot more satisfied with the ability to see textures for how they were meant to be seen. But the blur and easy to see lines were still present.

    I learned about insurrection industries and their s-video cable that is genuine and not a component cable in disguise like the others. The second I plugged it in, I noticed the biggest jump in quality of all the methods I’ve gone through so far. I thought it would clean up a bit and be a small upgrade from component cables but I was far from correct. Absolutely everything is crisp, text is sharp as can be, and input delay is non-existent. Getting these cables was a blessing to my retro gaming experience and I cannot wait to see how great they work on the gamecube/snes in due time. Thank you!

  12. Philippe Morin (verified owner)

    What more to say than “It’s a great product!”
    I bought one from the latest batch of S-Video cables for my Nintendo 64 and the results are beautiful! The cable is super high quality and nice looking, and the video quality is bettter than the basic (but OK) S-Video cable I had before.
    I live in Canada, and I used the cheapest shipping method. I received my package in very good condition, without any problem.
    I would definitely buy new products from Insurrection Industries! I kinda hope they start making HDMI cables for enthusiasts who prefer to buy from other enthusiasts.

  13. Lucas Zalvino

    A 4 dollar ebay cable is precisely as good as this $30 cable. Total rip off. Customer service is atrocious.

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