OSSC Repair & Service

We are the only authorized US service and repair site for the OSSC (Open Source Scan Converter). The OSSC is a state of the art audio/video processing device which allows extremely high quality conversion of analog RGBs and Component video signals from retro game consoles (Which our cables provide) to digital audio/video signals compatible with most modern digital televisions and monitors.

For non-warranty repairs there will be a $33 consultation fee which will cover 1 hour of basic diagnostics and repairs. Small parts such as capacitors, fuses, diodes and resistors are included at no additional charge. This is typically adequate for the majority of repairs. If additional parts or time are required due to the complexity of the issue we will contact you with an estimate of cost prior to proceeding with repairs.




Submit your repair request through the contact form. You will receive further instructions via email.

Warranty: No Charge

Non Warranty: $33 Diagnostic and Repair. Return shipping and parts may incur additional charge

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