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Carby Component Cable Announcement

Check back here at 8pm (EST) Thursday Sept. 5th to pre-order your CCC

We are very excited to formally announce the Carby Component Cable (CCC), a component video cable for the GameCube designed to provide a premium quality alternative to the OEM cable at a fraction of the cost.

The development of the CCC is the result of an ongoing and synergistic collaboration between Insurrection Industries and HDMy Cube, and we both want to extend a huge thank you to Ingo Korb, the creator of the GCvideo project, who assisted us on multiple occasions to get the best analog video possible. We couldn’t be happier with the result!

  • Cost is $89.50 with free domestic shipping in the continental US
  • Pre-orders begin September 5th at 8:00 pm EST with initial shipments to pre-order customers beginning October 7th
  • Utilizes a custom version of GCvideo by Ingo Korb
  • Utilizes a custom, high-quality, metal-shielded digital video connector providing a secure and reliable connection to your GameCube
  • Utilizes custom 1.9 meter (~6 foot), premium-quality, double shielded, 75Ω coaxial cable that is terminated with 75Ω BNC connectors for the highest quality and most secure connection to professional video equipment
  • Includes custom 75Ω BNC-to-RCA converters for total compatibility with consumer component video devices
  • Comes with a precision-molded “infrared black” polycarbonate shell
  • Compatible with model “DOL-001” GameCube consoles, which have the digital video port
  • Allows access to the analog output of the GameCube for stereo audio using a standard Nintendo AV cable (not included)
  • Will output the native resolution of the GameCube, including standard NTSC and PAL resolutions, and will enable 480p mode for compatible games and regions
  • One-year warranty with repair or replacement of any device found to be defective due to manufacturing defect
  • Pre-orders also available at, or (for international customers)



Will this come with a remote control or allow access to the GCvideo menu?

Our component cables are designed to function like the original GameCube component cable and output the native resolution of the GameCube, including 480p for compatible consoles and games. It does not come with a remote, and a remote is not required. However, if you would like to access the menu in order to enable features such as de-interlacing of 480i content, you can simply follow a few simple steps to program the device to work with a remote you already have (the device can be trained to most remote controls).