Insurrection Industries is proud to bring you CARBY

A digital audio/video adapter for your Nintendo GameCube.

Sega Genesis/Megadrive Triple Bypass Boards!

Triple Bypass PCB (version 3) by db-electronics and provided to you by way of an open source license:

  • Offers an RGB bypass for improved video
  • Also includes the mega amp 2.0 (designed by Ace and Villahed94)
  • 3 different variations for different consoles
  • For experienced console modders and installers only!

*Recommended for Model 2/3 Genesis consoles*

*Please verify the specific console version you have before purchase*
(VA0, VA1, VA1.8, VA3, CDX, and Nomad) require the ASIC YM3438
(VA2, VA2.3) require the YM2612
(VA4) model 2 and ALL model 3 genesis consoles require GOAC YM3438


Retro Gaming Cables

Introducing a line of high-quality console specific RGB SCART video cables providing a higher quality video signal from classic game consoles than ever before.

  • Sega Genesis Model 1 & 2
  • Super Nintendo
  • Sega Saturn
  • Sony PlayStation 1 & 2

US Exclusive OSSC Service and Repair

OSSC Open Source Scan Converter

Making your classic video games shine on modern digital displays